Saturday, January 30, 2010

Farewell for now, Flagyl

Blaise had her last dose of Flagyl yesterday morning. It's icky stuff to treat icky stuff and can lead to more ickiness if we're not careful. So we're glad to be done with it. She's been great. No more vomiting (knock on wood), better output, better appetite. It would be nice to stay this way for a while. We're going to start trying "interesting" food again, so we'll see.

Blaise surprised me last night by demonstrating that she knows the names of most of her stuffed animals and dolls. In an effort to distract her while I put her books back on the shelf, I said, "Blaise, where's Madeline?" and she crawled across the floor, grabbed Madeline and proudly showed her to me. Because this is the kind of thing I do, I immediately put a big pile of her animals on the floor, looked away from them and started asking where each one was. She was 87.5% accurate. (Yeah, okay, I know. What can I say? It's who I am.) Her phonetic representations of these words might be a little loose, though. A while later, I asked her where the lion was in a book we were reading and she crawled off my lap to retrieve Madeline.


vicki said...

That does not mean she won't be successful. Paul still can't get my name right on some days. He gets it correct 83.784903% of the time!

spacetourist said...

Happy Saint Blaise's Day (it is on the 3rd of February in France)!!!

See you very soon

The 3 Chaize