Sunday, August 9, 2009

You asked for it

More pictures are up on the photo site! There are a few in an album called Adventures with Food, that we are likely to keep adding to as Blaise's eating experiences continue. There is also a catch-all album called August that we will be updating as I remember to take the pictures off the camera. At the moment, it contains some sitting up photos and plenty of generic cuteness.

On our end, we had a fairly quiet weekend, gearing up for lots of visitors this week. Whoever told Blaise she doesn't need an afternoon nap is in serious trouble with me.


Ruth Rosenholtz said...

What a gorgeous little girl! (Mara says so, too, by the way.)

Sandra said...

Blaise is quoted as saying upon receiving the XYZ award for superlative achievements in science, due to her early training in manipulating variables, "In addition to the loving devotion of my parents, relatives and extended family, I often believe my success is attributable, in part, to Elecare."