Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to the day-to-day

After a whirlwind week of visitors, cookouts and spur-of-the-moment clinic visits, we're settling back down to normal. Blaise loved seeing her Uncle Pher and Aunt Kim (in spite of a little stranger anxiety) and kept up her pattern of saving developmental milestones for my parents. Back in May, my dad witnessed her first out-loud laugh. This past weekend, Blaise actively played peek-a-boo with my mom, covering her own face and everything. Of course, all this activity completely destroyed her carefully controlled sleep schedule. What would Dr. Weissbluth say? Probably "I told you so."

All is quiet on the medical front. Blaise still loves her rice cereal and I'm sure would be happy to see other food. The blood hasn't gone away, but it might be getting better. It's certainly not getting worse. That was a covert reference to poop, so here's a picture of a cute baby.

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Justin N said...

I'm glad to see you're adhering to a strict poop-to-picture ratio in this blog.