Saturday, August 8, 2009


The formula Blaise is on is Elecare. You won't find it in the supermarket. It's an "elemental" formula, meaning it's already broken down for easy digestion. It's made up of free amino acids (instead of chain protein) and special fats and it's really, really nasty tasting. It's labeled as "medical food" which should be a tip-off that it's nothing anyone should want to eat. When we mix her rice cereal with it, the cereal tastes more or less like thick Elecare. That's also pretty gross. Blaise doesn't mind. In fact, she thinks it's great. She doesn't know better. The apples were her first experience with food that doesn't taste like Elecare. This afternoon she finally shifted her opinion from "I don't know. This doesn't taste like Elecare" to "Hey! This doesn't taste like Elecare! Yippee!" It's time to make more baby apples. A couple more days without a reaction and we'll try expanding the repertoire again.

Speaking of expanding repertoires, Ms. Blaise has decided that she can sit like a big girl, at least for a few minutes at a time.

She's still working on shifting her weight to avoid tipping over when she reaches for something, but one step at a time. A girl can only think about so many things while she plans a space mission.

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