Thursday, August 27, 2009

When pluses become minuses

One of my favorite things about Blaise is how interested she is in the world. She loves to ride facing out in the wrap or the baby carrier so she can check everything out. She only gets overwhelmed by busy places when she's really tired. This curiosity and interest in what's going on around her is a really fun aspect of her personality. Right now, though, I think it's frustrating her a bit because she can't move herself around at will.

Her therapist was working on getting her to try scooting, but Blaise just doesn't have the arm strength. It's her main physical weakness. She can hold herself up on her arms only for a few seconds at a time and she can't use them to pull herself anywhere. But she really, really wants to! There are cats to chase! Holding Blaise while the cats are nearby has become a serious challenge. She struggles and leans to reach for them, often squealing gleefully. They run and hide. This, kiddo, is why you should take your tummy time more seriously. I suspect that once her arms are strong enough, there will be no stopping her.

I have really mixed feelings about a mobile Blaise. Of course I want her to grow and develop skills and become independent. I just have a sense that this kid is going to be very independent and very curious, which are good attributes in the long run, but tricky in a toddler or older infant. Her interest in her g-button causes us enough stress and I can't tell you how glad I am that she no longer has a central line to play with or an ostomy bag to pull off. Once she gets moving, our lives are going to become even more chaotic than they currently are. The cats have already placed ads seeking new families on Craigslist. We, on the other hand, should start babyproofing in earnest.


Kathie said...

When she does become more mobile, which will be soon, I recommend tying her shoes together. It slowed you down enough that I was able to keep up with you! She can tell her therapist all about it when she grows up.

*ErinSimmons* said...

I would love to e-mail with son also has short-gut. Please email me at

thank you!

tbone said...

It won't be long before "There she goes!"

Sandra said...

Kathie's idea sounds like it's worthy of consideration; sounds like she might have experience with an "independent and curious" daughter!

Jarasa said...

Huh. That's weird. I can't IMAGINE where Blaise would get those traits from. :)