Monday, August 24, 2009

Not much to report

Blaise is doing really well. We're in phase 2 of Operation No More Blood. We stopped giving Blaise her vitamins late last week. We've definitely seen a decrease in the amount of blood, but we're still seeing some. We're also, obviously, not crazy about having her off her vitamins. Short gut kids can have big problems with vitamin deficiency and we'd rather not go there.

Between diapers, though, we're having lots of fun, especially with the exersaucer (on loan from her buddy Max and his family). Now Blaise can bounce up and down and play with toys at the same time without giving me a serious core-muscle workout. She's also increasingly finding her voice and we're hearing more and more consonants (mostly nasals and voiced stops). She's working hard on some teeth, which means that everything goes in her mouth and the drool factory is running 24/7. New photos featuring both the exersaucer and drool will be up soon in the album called August.

**Update** It seems we've been a little shutter-happy and Blaise has been very photogenic lately. There are tons of new photos up.


Sandra said...

A question: In photos, Blaise's finger look "long." Please note I am being particularly careful not to say they are "long" or "longer" because when a baby has two scientists as parents, one certainly doesn't want to encourage a conversation (based on photographs) about the medium length of a baby's finger and whether Blaise's fingers are longer to a statistical...... But, they look longer. This could be a good thing. She appears to love music (and be quite adept at playing her keyboard)and I understand longer fingers are good for musicians. In my "make believe brain" I am enjoying the thought that two scientists may have created an amazing musician!

Erin said...

Blaise does have long fingers; so does Ben. Her gross motor abilities still need a little work, but her fine motor skills (object manipulation, etc.) are right on target. She's even started "helping" to feed herself with the spoon.