Monday, August 31, 2009

Cows and other weekend fun

We're settling down after another busy weekend. My dad was visiting on Friday and Saturday. Blaise had so much fun with her Grandpa Tom that she didn't take a real nap either day! It was, as usual, fun to show Blaise off to someone who hadn't seen her in a while. She's getting to be a big kid and is lots of fun to play with.

Then on Sunday, our friends Kate and Andrew were having their joint birthday event, a long bike ride to Great Brook Farm for fresh ice cream. We didn't bike, but we did drive out to meet everyone else. The ice cream was great, the cows were smelly and our friend Reid made a new friend.

We did let Blaise have a teeny-tiny taste of ice cream. I'm not even going to think about all the reasons we shouldn't have done that. We're kind of paranoid about her and food, for good reasons, so we only gave her the smallest bit. She loved it and kept licking her lips for more tastes. She didn't seem to have any bad reaction; if anything, the blood issue was actually better post-ice cream. Clearly we should be giving her tiny bits of vanilla every day. The only damper on the afternoon was my realization that I had left the nipple for Blaise's bottle at home. There goes that Mom-of-the-Year nomination. Fortunately, she fell asleep on the ride home before she got too hungry.

Today, Blaise went to MIT to see where Ben works and to meet his colleagues. This was her first ride on the T. She did really well and particularly enjoyed meeting Charley, Ben's advisor's dog. A lot of people ask if Blaise will go to MIT, especially when they see her MIT mobile and learn that Ben and I both went there. We always say that she can go wherever she wants except CalTech. She is very interested in playing with her rocket ship, but her enthusiasm for literature can't be ignored. Just yesterday she was making some intriguing observations about Finnegan's Wake (board book edition).

Word from the CAIR folks is that we are not going to try a systemic anti-inflammatory. We're switching to a different multi-vitamin, once we get the insurance worked out. Hopefully, this will resolve the blood issue. We're also holding off on new foods for a little while longer. I didn't tell them about the ice cream.

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