Friday, March 20, 2009

Unexpected visitors

After many expected visitors over the last few weeks, Blaise was delighted by a few unexpected visitors today. First, her Gran's friend Julie came by this morning. Julie is in Boston to see her son and decided to stop in and see Blaise, too. Neither Ben nor I were at the hospital when she came, but the nurse let her hold Blaise anyway. I hope Blaise was on her best behavior and did not let loose one of the frat-boy-style burps that she is becoming known for. That would have been more appropriate for the next set of guests: the Tufts University lacrosse team.

A lot of sports teams from local schools come around Children's to play with the kids. These guys were a much bigger hit with some of the toddlers on the floor than with Blaise, who slept through their visit. Sometimes pro athletes come by, too, but not while we've been here so far. I'm hoping for a Celtics visit, not because I'm a big Celts fan, but because I think a photo of Kevin Garnett (or any other giant basketball player) holding our tiny baby would be great.

Edit: I've been asked whether the Tufts lacrosse team is somehow significant. Not as far as I know, but I don't know anything about lacrosse. I just thought the photo was funny. Maybe we'll see the BC basketball team soon, as they no longer have plans for next weekend.

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