Monday, March 2, 2009

I love fish oil!

Blaise gets blood tests every Sunday night to check her electrolyte levels, blood counts and bilirubin. The bilirubin, of course, is the one we wait for to find out how well the Omegaven is working in terms of fixing her liver. We could not have been more excited to find out this morning that her bilirubin levels are now at 1.2, down from 2.3 at their highest. This is some of the best news we've had since this whole thing started.

Blaise is now officially two months old and doing better than I think anyone expected. She has tolerated every increase in her feeds so far, she's growing well on the PN and we seem to have dodged the liver damage bullet. We know the sailing won't always be this smooth, but we're not going to complain while it is.

But I know some of you are bored with medical updates and just come to the blog for pictures of a cute baby. So here you go. (There are more up if you follow the link to the left, too.)

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Grandpa Tom said...

Wow, go back and look at Blaise's pictures from her first week compared to now. What a difference 2 months makes. Not that she wasn't cute at birth, but what a doll she is now!