Thursday, March 19, 2009

Someone finally just said it

There are three classes of people who know about Blaise: people Ben and I talk to regularly (friends, family, etc.), people who read this blog and people who have heard about Blaise from someone else. This last group of people, when we see them, often don't know what to say. They want to tell us that they know what's going on, but they don't want to just say "I hear your baby is sick." Instead, we tend to hear things like "I hear you're having a difficult time." Today, someone finally said what a lot of people must be thinking: "I hear there's some really crazy sh*t going on with your kid! Are you guys okay?!?" That's kind of refreshing to have someone say because, well, there is some really crazy sh*t going on with our kid.

Our crazy kid continues to do well, though. She now gets 14 mL (almost half an ounce) of milk in her bottle every 4 hours, in addition to the 6 mL an hour through her g-tube. The physical therapists seem very impressed with her on those occasions that she doesn't just cry through her PT. She'll do all the exercises with me, so it could just be that she doesn't like the therapists themselves. She's also starting to self-soothe and also to interact a bit more during playtime.

The founders of the Paris chapter of Blaise's fan club have returned home. They brought baby couture for Blaise, so she will be wearing the latest from Paris this summer. They were, as always, wonderful company and deserve awards for their patience when I butchered their language. (FYI: The French word for intestine is l'intestine.) We are very much looking forward to taking Blaise to meet their daughter sometime next year.

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