Monday, March 16, 2009

It's official

We have been at Children's too long. Some evidence:
  • The front desk security staff (for the whole hospital) recognizes our friends on sight.
  • Cafeteria workers keep trying to give me the employee discount. When I told one of them that I'm not an employee, she responded, "You might as well be."
  • Residents coming off call greet us on the street.
We were a little sad when we came in to the hospital yesterday to see that Blaise's former roommate is back. She had only been home for three days. We also saw the parents of one of her NICU suitemates in the lobby because their daughter had been readmitted. During the first month that we were here, one of the hardest things was watching other kids go home. I moved past that as I became more confident that our turn would come and I was genuinely excited for Blaise's roommate and her family when they went home last week. Now it's really hard to watch kids come back because our turn for that will come, too.

In happier thoughts, Blaise's bilirubin is down to 1.1/0.5. Oh, Omegaven, we love you!


Jarasa said...

Hmmm. It's funny, one of the things one often seeks as a new mom is a community -- sounds like you are well-integrated into the Children's community, with all the pluses (and minuses) that entails. We look forward to the day you take Blaise home!

On another front, I do hope you are enjoying the warmer weather and getting some fresh air in the garden -- spring is definitely just around the corner! Clever Blaise has timed it so she is getting bigger and stronger just as the weather warms.

Faith said...

I hope your time to go home comes soon! I can definitely relate to the feelings about others going home, for awhile it seemed like every other day whoever was next door to us got sent home! Finally I asked the nurses, "Can't you put a kid that's sicker than ours in that room, so I stop watching everyone else go home?!"
Now as we pack and take wagons full of stuff out of here, I see other families, and I'm sure they're feeling the same things I have felt... and I just want to tell them not to be jealous, that we've been here 4 months and it's definitely our turn!
I hope that you guys will stick around long enough for Faith and I to meet you, we will be there next week!

Erin said...

We'll definitely still be here next week, waiting for surgery on the 6th. Do stop by and say hello!