Thursday, March 12, 2009

More milk and more friends

They increased Blaise's enteral feeds to 6 mL/hour yesterday, which, together with 12 mL by mouth every 4 hours, brings her daily milk intake to just over 7 ounces (216 mL). She was doing okay with it as of last night; we'll see how it went over the full 24 hours. This slow, steady progress thing is pretty awesome.

Of course, the big thing today is her lower GI contrast study. We may not have a good idea of the results and what they mean until tomorrow, but we'll be sure to post when we know.

With our family far away, our friends have been great at helping us through this, trekking over to the hospital to see Blaise, offering rides and just checking in. Our friends Kate and Andrew are regular visitors at the hospital and have been amazing about all kinds of practical and emotional support. Over the weekend, Blaise met our friends Richard and Carrie and their 10-month-old daughter Beatrice, who showed no real interest in Blaise until Carrie held her. Dave and Jarasa also came to meet Blaise and brought their daughter Siri, who is almost exactly the same age as Blaise, but a lot bigger. We're looking forward to those playdates in a few months.

And now visitors are coming from around the world to see our little one. Our friends Mathieu and Julie are arriving from Paris this afternoon. Their daughter Erin is also about the same age as Blaise, but she's staying in France for this visit. We anticipate many future visits with them both here and in Paris (once we figure out how to take PN to France).

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Yuko said...

Blaise WILL get to Paris, and we can't wait to hear about it! Abby Brogan mentioned your hope to me, and I have also been lurking on Blaise's blog since hearing about it from Lisa Scott right after Blaise was born. (I tried to recruit Chuck to do EEG studies on the super-brains of our Omegaven babies when we were in Boston with our son.) We took Max to Paris when he was on TPN 20 hrs/day ( Now he is down to 12 hrs, and we're hoping for Bulgaria or Amsterdam this summer. We are all rooting for you in Colorado!
Yuko, Randy, Max, & Kai