Friday, April 23, 2010


It's very much spring here, which is kind of weird. Boston is not known for its springs. They're usually pretty gray and chilly, but for some reason the past few weeks have been sunny and pleasant. I'm all for it (even though it's probably a sign of undesirable climate change) because Blaise has been impossible to keep inside lately. She literally crawls to the front door and bangs on it.

The nice weather means plenty of time for Blaise's favorite hobbies: walks and swings. She takes a walk (holding onto someone's hand) to the end of our block at least once a day. It's a long block; her therapist was very impressed. Lately, we've been turning onto Mass Ave at the corner and walking a little more. Blaise loves Mass Ave because it is full of people who smile at her and have friendly dogs. On our way down the block, she likes to touch all of the dandelions. There are a lot of dandelions, so it takes us a while. The big new on the walking front is that Blaise took her first real unsupported steps this morning! She took a couple of unsupported steps a few months ago, but those were uncontrolled and accidental. This morning she was steady and deliberate for two steps and then grabbed a chair. She lacks confidence in her ability to walk, but that will come and once it does, we'll be even crazier than we are now.

Related to our craziness, we've begun looking for a proper daycare solution for Blaise. Except for a brief period with a somewhat irregular daytime sitter, Ben and I have been playing baby catch during the day for almost 11 months now. It's exhausting and leaves both of us feeling like we're not really spending any time or energy anywhere. It's also time for Blaise to spend more time with other kids. We're a little apprehensive, as I think any parent is when it comes to relinquishing care of their child to someone else, but we'll find a good situation for all of us.

Apologies for the lack of photos. Our somewhat lackadaisical babyproofing makes it hard to take pictures now that Blaise is very mobile. Also, ever her mother's daughter, she tends to either run off or try to grab the camera whenever we get it out.

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