Friday, April 30, 2010

Passing the hat

Well, Blaise started toddling and now you'll never hear from us again. We spend the day chasing her and when she finally goes to bed, we spend the evening undoing the damage. She has begun using words for absent objects (e.g., to request some apple or a bottle), which is a giant communicative step. Unfortunately, the dozen or so words she has all sound a lot a like if you're not listening carefully and she doesn't tend to repeat herself, so we keep making bottles when she wants apples and looking at pictures of Dada when she wants a bottle. In new food adventures, she appears to tolerate eggs, even though she doesn't like them much. This let's us move safely outside the vegan realm. Someday we might be brave enough to try chicken again.

Speaking of walking, though, we have organized a team for the Walk for Children's Hospital Boston. This is a huge fundraising walk on June 13 that shuts down the Esplanade for half the day and infuriates joggers. We'll be accompanied by some fantastic friends, including fellow (former) Omegaven baby Faith, Blaise's birth-month buddies Auden and Sirisa and possibly current Omegaven lover Ellie. Now I'm going to ask you for money. Each walker is supposed to raise $150 for Children's. If you can, please take a minute and go to our team webpage to sponsor us. You should choose a walker from our team at random (don't all sponsor just me or Ben) and it will take you to their donation page. In case you need some motivation, this is the hospital that took Blaise from this:

to this:

If you're in Boston or surrounding and would like to join us, you can go here to register. Click the "Join this Team" link on the right side of the page. We're doing the 2-mile walk.

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