Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Peer models

I think there's a lot to be said for social pressure of various kinds. Peer pressure is often talked about in a negative way, but it can be very positive. You just need excellent peers and it's a great thing.

We're very lucky to have some fantastic peers for Blaise. We had three friends have babies within a couple weeks of Blaise being born, several friends have had babies since and we've made new friends with kids close to Blaise's age over the last year. I've been noticing lately that she seems to pick things up from them much more quickly than she does from us: going to the playground with Auden made her more motivated to try supported walking, some time with her friend Leo introduced a new sign to her vocabulary and a wonderful week of fun with our French visitors has Blaise much more willing to take a little food from a spoon again and a bit more outgoing with her walking. Who cares that Mom and Dad can walk, sign, talk and eat? When another toddler does it, it's much more relevant.

We saw Mathieu, Julie and little Erin off last night. The time always flies when we're with them and we'll have to work out a way to spend more time on the same continent soon. Blaise and Erin were fast friends: bisous, "sharing" toys and gleefully pointing at dogs. Photos are here.
(Not the best picture of the two otherwise photogenic girls, but they did like their hats.)

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