Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dancing fool

In all of the craziness surrounding the decision to go to North Dakota, we neglected to mention other fun things that have been going on in our house. My mom (a.k.a., Gran) came for a few days last week. She and Blaise had tons of fun while Ben and I both went to work, which was very exciting for everyone. Blaise is eating like crazy (24-28 oz of formula a day and three or more meals and snacks) and I think she's grown another half inch. Her weight-for-length is on the low side, so pants long enough for her are huge through the waist. That, I guess, is what the nice bulky cloth diapers are for: holding her pants up. Otherwise, we'd have to resort to suspenders.

Blaise's supported walking is progressing nicely. She can walk the full length of our block and back holding onto our hands. More fun than walking, though, is dancing. She does some planned hand gestures to a few songs, including 6 Little Ducks, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Single Ladies. ("Put your hands up!") More fun that that, though, is freestyle boogying.


Stephanie said...

How cute! This reminds me of a video your mom took of Chris down in Florida. He was boogying his booty off while sitting on the floor with Georgia. It is still to this day the only family video we have! It has Florida stuff and then some random footage of all of us at the lake. Hilarious!

EJT said...

This made my day!