Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some news

The past week or so has been a lot of fun for Blaise, what with many exciting visitors, trips to the playground and various restaurants, and nicer weather that increases the likelihood of seeing dogs when we're out for a walk. It's also brought some exciting job-related news that we're very excited to share with you, our faithful blog readers.

OK, the sweatshirt is kind of folded, so it's not the best for communicating what's up: Erin and I have just accepted faculty jobs at North Dakota State University! We'll be in Boston for a little while longer, but this means that soon we're moving on to Fargo to build a home (and two labs) where the buffalo roam (OK, technically ND is where the bison roam, but I don't know any songs that involve bison).

So...a big move and a big change for all of us, but also a lot of exciting things on the horizon. We'll probably write more about Fargo and NDSU as we get closer to the actual move, but for now we mostly wanted to share the news with you all.

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Oliver said...

Congratulations! I hope things go well for you in Fargo. Do you know when you're moving yet? I'm moving back to Boston in August, and it would be cool to see you guys again.