Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sniffles, sass and silliness

My apologies for the lack of updates. We all came down with a cold last week, which wasn't fun. Blaise is also working on cutting her eighth incisor and a third molar. Coupled with the cold, that made for one miserable baby. But we're all back to normal now.

Colds aside, Blaise is great. Her walking is amazing and gets better every day. She's been eating well. We've started a fish trial and it's going okay so far. She's also getting better at drinking with her straw cup. She must be growing because we've had to go up a size in clothes. My perspective on how kids grow is completely off. I mentioned to Ben that Blaise had completely outgrown her 9 month pajamas. He reminded me that this was perhaps unsurprising, as she's 16 months old. We are one month from our next clinic appointment, which looms as the day they might decide we can lose the tube. We're trying not to get too psyched up about it.

I'm also pretty sure we've crossed the threshold into toddlerhood. Our easy-going baby is increasingly capricious and very easily frustrated. That said, you hear a lot about toddlerhood being difficult, but the flipside is that she's also tons of fun. It's a nothing-by-halves sort of stage.

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