Sunday, May 23, 2010

First concert

We took Blaise to her first live concert today. They Might Be Giants was playing in Arlington and we've been playing their "Here Comes Science" CD for weeks, so we decided to check it out. We had to wake Blaise up from her nap early to make it in time, which went better than we thought it would. Then, about 90 seconds before the show started, Blaise threw up. (It is not a matter of whether a short gut kid will throw up, but when.) Fortunately, Ben had reminded me this morning to replace the emergency outfit in the diaper bag with one that would actually fit, and with a little help from Aunt Kate, we had Blaise cleaned up and ready to rock before the first song was over.

Blaise had a great time dancing, clapping and waving at the band, although she didn't quite get the concept of the encore and tried to leave. Her reaction to the confetti machine was excellent (brief startle, then calm pointing). We didn't know whether she would recognize the songs, but she definitely perked up for the ones from the CD we have. We'll be signing her up for accordion lessons just as soon as we think she's stable enough on her feet to hold an accordion.

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