Monday, May 31, 2010

Mellow days

We took Blaise over to the Common and the Public Garden this morning. She wasn't very interested in the ducks and the frog pond was closed, but she had a great time toddling around in the grass.

She continues to be fun and silly, with occasional bouts of toddler temper. After a stretch of serious eating, long naps and short temper, she's grown about 3 inches in the last week or so. But she's not as pathetically skinny as she used to get after growth spurts, so hopefully we're doing well on the weight gain front, too.

On a blog housekeeping note, we've turned comment moderation on for the blog. We were having a lot of issues with spambots. Please don't let the moderation stop you from posting. We love to hear from you all and your support means the world to us.

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vicki said...

She is an absolute beauty. Your mom showed me pictures of Blaise that were great. The one that brought tears to my eyes was the one with her eating a graham cracker. One would never guess that a picture of a child eating a graham cracker could be so meaningful. It is all about perspective.