Friday, May 28, 2010

Coming Home-iversary

It's Blaise's first Coming Home-iversary! Happy Coming Home-iversary, Blaise!

We didn't have a party for Blaise's birthday. We had a soy-free, icing-free vegan cake, some pink champagne and a quiet day at home. To be honest, Blaise's birthday was very hard for us. It was the anniversary the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced and the absolute worst thing I have ever experienced. It brought back a lot of feelings and fears that had been suppressed. I know that the tangle of emotions and memories will fade with time and be replaced with happy birthdays and good memories, but this year, a party was just not an option. There was too much to work through.

We had talked about having a party on Blaise's due date instead, a sort of "supposed-to-be" birthday party. But that didn't feel quite right. If we've learned one thing in the last 17 months, it's that "supposed-to-be" doesn't matter; you have to work with the world as it is. The Coming Home-iversary, however, seems like a great thing to celebrate. That's an easy day to remember: excitement and nervousness and frustration (Just bring the damn paperwork and let us out of here!), but mostly joy. The end of 21 endless weeks and the beginning of the new normal. 52 weeks home have made 21 weeks inpatient more than worth it.

PS Happy 4th Birthday, Max!

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Yuko said...

Thanks, and Happy 1st Coming Home-iversary, Blaise!