Monday, November 9, 2009

Temporarily displaced

I'm not sure we've had quite so crazy a week since Blaise came home, but I am pleased to report that we are now settling into our temporary apartment in Arlington while our Cambridge apartment is deleaded. So far, no panicked emails or phone calls from our landlady, so we're hoping it stays that way. As though packing up everything and moving with a ten-month-old weren't enough of a project, our babysitter got sick and cancelled one day this week and I was occupied with a conference all weekend. We made it, though, and we have to send a huge public thank you to our friends who helped out, both by taking Blaise for a day and by helping us pack up and move. There are good friends and then there are the kind of friends who don't run screaming when they meet what lives in under your bed and in the back of your fridge. We are incredibly fortunate to have the latter.

Blaise made an appearance at the conference on Friday afternoon, much to the delight of blog readers who are also child language researchers. (There are a lot of you. I had no idea, but we really appreciate your support!) She didn't give a presentation this year, but I'm thinking to submit her name for the keynote next year. Her working title is "Maanabamaana: !nananama." Yes, that is an alveolar click; it's her new favorite sound. Although by this time next year, she should have some actual words.

More pictures, soon, I promise. Once I find the camera.

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EJT said...

Glad to hear that the move went OK and looking forward to Blaise's keynote :)!! It was great to seeing you guys!