Monday, November 23, 2009


Our apologies for vanishing from the blogging world for a bit there. To say that things have been crazy in our house would be a bit of an understatement.
Blaise is great. She's down to 8 hours a night on the pump and we think we're good to go down to 6/night this Thursday. She is not a fan of green beans, but continues to be obsessed with peas. Some parents mix applesauce into veggies to get babies to eat them. We mix peas into applesauce to get Blaise to eat the applesauce. Her babbling has exploded and she seems to have learned to modulate her volume (mostly toward the loud end). She has also begun crawling! She only goes backward at the moment, but we get the occasional forward scoot. Her therapist says that most kids crawl backward before they go forward. We have a feeling that forward is only a day or two away. I was surprised how fast she is able to move backward, too.

Of course, this learning to crawl business coincides with moving back into our apartment after the deleading. The workers made quite a mess, so we had to keep Blaise pretty isolated in her own room until we got the rest of the house clean. Thankfully, we have wonderful friends who like to play with her. If you know a family with a baby and they're moving or having work done on their house, the most useful thing you can do is offer to entertain the baby. Seriously.

Talk, talk. Where are the pictures? Here you go.


Barry said...

Look out cats! Here comes Blaise!

Dan said...

What a cutie!