Friday, November 13, 2009

Big steps

Blaise has been a busy girl lately. (Ben and I have been busy, too, but we don't kid ourselves that you come here to read about that.) Here are some highlights:

Earlier this week was Blaise's first Monday Night Football Steelers game. It started well after bedtime, so she got some Terrible Towel waving in early.

We have discovered Blaise's favorite food. We were nervous about giving her peas because they were the first non-sweet non-Elecare-flavored food we were going to try. The response: a HUGE grin and eager grabbing for more. Seriously, Blaise would eat nothing but peas if we let her. We gave her some whole steamed peas last night and she had a great time playing with them, too, but none of them made it to her mouth.

We also returned to apples for the first time since the blood stopped. Things got a little, um, runny, so we've put them on hold for a couple of days and then we'll try again. The runniness could also have been fallout from her double flu vaccines on Tuesday. We did a quick weight check while we were in for the shots and are proud to report that she has cracked the 15 lb mark (15 lbs 1 oz; up 10 oz in less than 2 weeks!). We've bumped down to 8 hours/night on her tube feeds.

On the developmental front, Blaise has discovered the joy of taking items out of containers and occasionally of putting them back in. She's also begun raising her arms to be picked up, imitating sounds that we produce (just clicks) and giving wonderful, sweet proto-kisses. She'll deliberately turn to me or Ben, open her mouth and press it against our cheek. That might be the best thing ever.


Virginia Valerie said...

Justin and I love your little Steelers fan!

Jarasa said...

Siri appreciates Blaise's suggestion of whole steamed peas -- she too is now a fan! We hope Blaise might next teach her how to make that ! noise.