Monday, November 2, 2009

Sorry to disappoint

I'm afraid that no one won the guess-Blaise's-weight game. The rules were closest without going over and everyone went over. No one went with the classic Price is Right strategy of guessing 1 dollar. We're glad you think she's such a rockstar, though! Blaise weighed in at 14 lbs. 7 oz. (6.57 kg) on Thursday. She might be bigger since then; she's eating really well.

Our weekend was spent dressing a bewildered Blaise in her pirate outfit, eating delicious food with friends (Merry Thanksaween!) and packing up our house. It turns out that Cambridge requires all apartments rented to families with children under 6 to be certified lead-free. Let's just say that our 100+ year old apartment was very much not lead-free. Blaise's lead levels are totally fine. It not like she's chewing on the windowsills, but the law is the law. So we're moving out on Sunday for a couple of weeks while our house is deleaded. It's a big pain, but the upside is that we'll come home to fresh paint, new windows and a professional cleaning job. Our temporary apartment is just around the corner from some good friends and only down the (really big) hill from some others, so we'll at least be in good company.

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