Sunday, December 5, 2010

Packing up

We're moving in less than a week. The truck loads on Thursday and we're flying to Fargo on Saturday. After 11+ years in Cambridge, this is a big change, but we're excited for it. Stay tuned for updates on moving out, moving in, getting a car (after more than a decade car-free) and learning to love sub-freezing temperatures.

We took Blaise to a small Chanukah party last night. Fried potatoes *and* applesauce! This is a holiday for Blaise! (Candles, stories and Hebrew prayers were less exciting than the food.) She pronounces "latke" like "Atka," her beloved polar bear, but clearly knows they're different things. She's been talking all morning about "fryin' up Atkas" but she hasn't tried sticking the polar bear in hot oil.

Otherwise, we're engaged in the project of putting everything we own in boxes. It's a lot of work, but I think we're in good shape. Blaise has been coloring the boxes for us, so they will be beautiful, even if they're not especially well-organized.


Jo said...

Best of luck with your move!
Is there a way to email you directly?
Would like to share our story with you...have registered as a follower on the blog THX!

Erin said...

Hi Jo. My gmail address is econwell. best,