Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We didn't do much in our house, but we had lots of fun anyway. Here's Blaise with her favorite Christmas present. It took us 6 hours to convince her to open another one (to be fair, about 90 minutes of that was a nap).

Yes, that is her doll in the salad. We try not to ask too many questions. So we chopped a lot of wooden veggies and then we ate some barbecue. Blaise still isn't interested in meat, but she ate plenty of Jack's Stack beans. (For the uninitiated: Jack's Stack beans are actually the best in the world. Maybe better.)

Blaise still has about 6 unopened presents under the tree. She got so excited about everything she opened that we had to play with it right away. She also seems a bit concerned that opening all the presents will make the Christmas tree go away. She loves the Christmas tree.

We know you crave pictures. So here you go:

Yeah, so she got a little, um, creative with the Mr. Potato Head. We think she got that you are supposed to stick the pieces on, but not that it's supposed to be person-like. Between this and the Dolly Salad, it was kind of a surreal day for Blaise's toys.

We wish you all a happy, healthy Christmas and a relaxing weekend!

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stevet said...

Thank you for mentioning Jack Stack Barbecue on your blog! We wish you happy holidays and a fabulous New Year! Thanks again! - The Jack Stack team