Monday, July 5, 2010

Long summer weekend

We hope you and yours had a lovely, safe Independence Day. But we bet it wasn't as cute as ours.
Blaise and I spent Saturday playing with her buddy Ollie while his parents were landscaping their yard. A kiddie-pool-turned-sandbox made for lots of entertainment. Ollie is 8 months younger than Blaise and very sweet. He would have followed Blaise around all day if we weren't so particular about things like naps. Then Sunday morning we went to play with Siri and her family. There are some photos of a visit to Siri's backyard about a year ago that capture just how much change can happen in a year. They are very big girls now, chasing bubbles and splashing in the kiddie pool and eating their watermelon right off the rind. We had barbecue (imported from KC) with Aunt Kate and Uncle Andrew for dinner, thus ensuring that Blaise hit all of the culinary highlights of the 4th of July (bbq, watermelon and blueberries). She wasn't big on the barbecue, examining a burnt end like it was a strange ancient artifact before nibbling a bit and setting it aside in favor of bread and green beans. We didn't have any Gate's sauce, which might have been the problem.

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