Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When it literally rains, it literally pours

Until Saturday, we hadn't seen any rain for a while and it was much hotter than Boston usually is. Ben is pretty bad with heat and Blaise seems to have inherited that, so hot days are not fun in our house. Then, on Saturday, it rained really, really hard: 4-6 inches in the space of 2 hours. It cooled things off for a bit, but....

Blaise's day care flooded. It's basement level and there's a big ramp from street level to the door. All of that rain rolled right down the ramp and into the day care, which now needs fairly extensive repairs and cleaning. The whole center is closed for 2 weeks and 3 other centers also flooded, so there's not any extra space to shuffle all these kids into. We're pretty disappointed because we were just feeling like we were getting into a solid rhythm with day care and we were all loving it. Blaise is always so happy to see her little friends and even hugs some of them goodbye. Fortunately, we're working on a care share with her friend's family (they use the same day care), so she'll still get some time with a buddy and not just with boring Mom and Dad.

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