Saturday, September 12, 2009

GI bug

Blaise has been fighting a bit of a cold for about a week. Last night, she was having some difficulty with a bit of mucus in her throat and then threw up. We thought, okay, she swallowed the mucus and then up it came. But then she threw up after her bottle this morning. And again a couple hours after lunch. Not spit-up, which we're quite used to, but actual vomit. And she's not very interested in eating. And her poop is really runny.... We called the pediatrician (whose off-hours triage line goes to Children's) and the over-the-phone diagnosis is gastroenteritis. Blaise has a stomach bug.

I remember being told, way back at the beginning, that Blaise would be particularly susceptible to gut nasties and that other kinds of viruses (e.g., colds) could migrate to her gut very easily. It seems like that second thing has happened. We have her on continuous g-tube feeds of pedialyte right now and we'll try some half-strength formula in a couple of hours. Like any sick baby, fluids, rest and cuddling are the current plan. And laundry. Lots of laundry. We're hoping to stick to the regular sick baby plan and avoid a middle-of-the-night page to the GI on call at Children's.


Virginia Valerie said...

We hope she feels better soon!

Love, Val and Justin

Amy said...

Poor girl. Feel better soon Blaise!

Aoife, Amy, and Pierce

Jarasa said...

Boooo to stomach bugs. We hope Blaise feels better soon! --Dave, Jarasa & Siri

Maureen said...

Hope Blaise is feeling better!