Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Full disclosure

We post a lot of happy and cute photos of Blaise. We've had several people tell us that we must have the happiest baby in the world. She is pretty easy-going most of the time, but in the interest of honesty, I'll confess that she can be fussy; we just don't tend to grab the camera when she's crying. She's going through a very clingy period right now and sometimes even stepping to the other side of the room can cause a crying jag. Today, I was putting the liner back in her diaper pail, having emptied all of the clean diapers into her crib for folding. This is what happened:

How am I sure these were crocodile tears? Well, here's a photo from about 10 minutes later after we finished folding the diapers:
In other news, we've started the new multivitamin, which is going well so far. At the very least, Blaise doesn't spit it up within an hour of taking it, an improvement over the last vitamin. We had no luck getting the blood under control by removing everything interesting from her diet and giving her nightly steroid enemas, so we're giving up on the project of figuring out what she's reacting to and giving her an oral anti-inflammatory medication. Her blood counts have apparently been dropping over our last few visits to Children's, indicating that she is losing significant blood over time, which no one is happy about. It's really important that we control the bleeding in her gut if it has begun to compromise her red blood cell counts and push her toward anemia. If her counts don't stabilize soon, we may have to be readmitted for "bowel rest" (or putting her on an IV so we can stop feeding her for a day or two, which really, really sucks). We have clinic on Thursday. We'll figure out then what to do next.


vicki said...

She sure has the pout face down! It is a great picture.

Sandra said...

I know you guys are gonna figure out the next medical steps...in the meantime I must say she's beautiful whether she's puckered up or smiling big. And...gotta love the new clothes...do I sense the presence of a (fairy) grandmother? So cute!