Thursday, September 2, 2010

So much to do!

We were informed recently that we do not update the blog often enough. We apologize to the Blaise fans who have been missing their regular dose and we'll try to make it up.

Blaise is a busy, busy girl. She has many things to do and she is going pretty much constantly. There are books to read, stuffed animals to be fed, new words to say, songs to sing, jumping to be attempted and so much more. She only stops moving when she falls asleep or when we strap her into her seat for meals. This afternoon, she opened her favorite game on Ben's iPod; we didn't show her how to do that. We can barely keep up. The only recent difficulty has been that she's not very interested in eating at day care, which is a little tough. We don't think it's affecting her weight gain because she comes home and eats everything in sight. Still, we'd rather spread the calories out over the day. We'll figure something out.

Favorite things these days include: Madeline, duplo, They Might Be Giants, puzzles, Indian food (seriously), books, playing with water and walks. You'll notice among these many of the tendencies of an engineer, which suggests that indoctrination is going well. We're working on teaching her the MIT cheer. She thinks it's very funny, but we're not sure if she's laughing at us or with us.
Why the snowman bib? I don't know, but she really wanted to wear it. Questionable fashion choices are also big among engineers.

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Stephanie said...

My goodness, she's getting SO big! She looks like a little girl! Glad things are going well :)