Sunday, September 12, 2010

order from chaos

"With great power comes great responsibility." - Ben Parker

"Blaise, I know you CAN stand on that, but please don't." -Ben Balas

Blaise is a lot better at a lot of things these days. She can run like mad at a goodclip, usually yelling "Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah..." as she storms down the sidewalk. She can climb more things than I really want to consider, and she can use forks, spoons, crayons, and my laptop with increasing ease. At first, this meant that you could spot where Blaise had been by following the swath of wreckage across the house. Stuff could (and did) wind up almost anywhere. Where's the camera? Under the sofa. Where's my left shoe? On the windowsill. Where's the cat? Possibly moved out for good this time.

Lately, however, Blaise has taken a turn towards the more orderly. Witness Exhibit A below:

Blaise's animal friends had mostly been ending up strewn across the floor post-nap...of late, this quasi-orderly stuffed animal tower is a not-uncommon occurrence. I like it, it's structural, but contemporary. The next photos are Blaise's real masterpiece, though:

Why do I like this one so much? Just two towers of blocks...what's the big deal? Well, first, notice that they're the same color pattern. Yellow, red, blue, black. Kinda neat that she decided to copy herself here - sort of a Warhol-esque maneuver. Lest you think this is Blaise moving into a period of non-representational art, however, check out what (I think) may be the inspiration for this showcase:

Neat, eh? I'm not sure this is what she was going for, but it was a little hard not to notice that she built these and then gave Madeline a big hug. There's a lot of developmental reasons that she's probably not quite capable of abstracting away her doll's appearance in Duplo blocks, but I guess you never know. She does love that doll, after all.

Anyway, we're all having a fun autumnal weekend here in Cambridge and probably heading out for some more romping around a playground soon. Hope you're all enjoying yourselves this weekend, and stay tuned for more large-scale construction projects headed up by B.


Sandra said...

Thanks, Dad.

Yuko said...

LOVE these photos!

Jarasa said...

This is so cool!

Raeanne said...

That is awesome! I think all of those developmental reasons don't apply when your child received massive doses of IV fish oil... Faith has been able to understand things that were way ahead of what she should have bee, too!