Friday, June 11, 2010

Last walk plug, I promise

We're very happy to report that Blaise's transition into daycare has gone swimmingly so far. She even took a nap today. We're still prepared to have her get upset one of these days, but so far, she's just headed into the room and found something fun to play with. Playground time might be the best part. We were very nervous about daycare not going well, but now we find ourselves with 6 uninterrupted hours in lab several days a week. We can suddenly get so much done!

We just got home a little while ago from having dinner with Faith and her mom and Ellie and her parents. Ellie, a smart, funny, active 4-year-old who just happens to be missing lots of intestine, is something of a poster child for Omegaven. Faith comes to Boston from Colorado, originally to get Omegaven and, now that she's off TPN, to check in with the CAIR and Omegaven folks at Children's. I'm pretty sure no one in the restaurant could tell that the three girls were anything other than happy, healthy kids, which is pretty incredible, given some of the things all of their parents had once been told.

All of them, along with some excellent long gut friends, will be joining us in the Walk for Children's Hospital Boston on Sunday. So far, Blaise! has raised over $3200. Excellent! Thank you for your generosity! If you haven't donated yet, now's the time to help some other families beat long, long odds.

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