Monday, June 7, 2010

Day Care!

Today Blaise had her first half-day at Bright Horizons day-care, which is conveniently located about a 5-minute walk away from my office at MIT. We'll spend this week ramping up to our planned schedule, which has her hanging out and playing with the other kids in "Toddler 4" three days a week for 6 hours a day. Today was just a three-hour visit, with Erin hanging out (but mostly hanging back) to see how Blaise does on her own.

How did she do on her own? See below.

She basically doesn't need parents anymore. :) In all seriousness, she had a great morning playing outside, commandeering most of the balls on the playground and carrying them around in a bucket, and having lunch with the other kids. She made a few visits to see Erin, but mostly just kind of waved quickly, gave a high-five and scurried off to go climb something.

The teachers we talked to today said that a lot of kids have a great first and second day, but then get a little upset about things later, so we'll see how she does. We're both just glad she had a lot of fun right off the bat and we figure that she likes people (and playgrounds) enough that it should work out well in the long run. For now, she's got her lunchbox, her cubby-hole and blanket, and looks like she's ready to rock.


Jarasa said...

So glad to hear Blaise had a great first day! We hope to see more of her as daycare becomes part of her established routine! Incidentally, S highly recommends the climber at the daycare playground.

Erin said...

The girls have overlapping morning playground time, which is fun. (Not that they seemed to recognize one another.) Blaise took a bit of a tumble on the climber her first day, but went right back to it. She *loves* stairs.