Friday, March 5, 2010

Say Cheese!

Blaise's Aunt Libby did a science fair project in junior high about which kinds of cheese mold fastest. She called it "Say Cheese!" (My junior high science fair projects were about causes and effects of ground water contamination; we're different people, me and Libby.) This has nothing to do with Blaise, but I always think of that project when I see the phrase "Say cheese."

Anyway.... We abandoned the project of convincing Blaise to eat yogurt. She's not interested in being spoon-fed and we're not interested in cleaning yogurt off the walls, so we're calling a truce. Next on the dairy list: cheese. Cheese is nice and low in lactose, the sharper the better. Blaise wasn't sure at first, but she ate some. Today is day 4 of the cheese trial and so far so good on the gut front. She'd better continue to tolerate it because I just watched her completely scarf half an ounce or so of Vermont cheddar.


Elizabeth Conwell said...

First, You forget about the science fair project where I won city first place in engineering.. 'There She Blows" about what is the best kind of windmill for the most energy... give me some credit.
Second, Will (the boyfriend) is lactose intolerant. I highly recommend the low lactose items of sheep's milk from Whole Food as well as Frozen Kefir (look it up). It's really tasty and is awesome for digestive systems and is actually known to be a natural cure for digestive problems.

Erin said...

Do I remember correctly that the "There" fell off your poster, making yours one of the more inappropriate science fair titles in recent memory?

As for sheep's milk, we'll give that a try if lactose proves to be a problem. I have to recommend Tofutti Cuties (vegan ice cream sandwiches), which are pretty good, much better than regular Tofutti.