Monday, March 1, 2010

Just the usual crazy

Yes, okay, so it's been a while. Everything is fine on our end, but the reality is that an increasingly active toddler, plus two parents with demanding jobs, no child care to speak of and impending major career decisions leaves very little time for blogging.

Blaise is 14 months old today and she celebrated by heading with Ben to the State House to protest inadequate funding (and consequent proposed changes in eligibility and cost) for Early Intervention services. Turnout for this "stroller-in" was very good and, hopefully, will make an impression on the Governor and the Department of Public Health. Her first political rally. Awww.

Other fun stuff included a visit from Grandpa Tom over the weekend, complete with a trip to the aquarium and an afternoon at the local pub watching the USA/Canada hockey game. Blaise really liked the fish. She also weathered some rowdy hockey cheering very well. Grandpa sneaking her some French fries probably helped with the hockey fans. We've started to introduce dairy foods. Yogurt is first on the list (very low lactose, which short gut kids tend to have problems with), but Blaise doesn't like to be fed with a spoon. I tried smearing the yogurt on her toast this evening and she just wiped it all off. So it's hard to say whether her gut likes yogurt but Blaise certainly doesn't seem to.

Developmentally, Blaise is becoming much more fluid through her knees, which is huge. Preemies tend to be somewhat hypertonic through their legs, which makes learning to stand and walk very tricky. We've been working really hard on getting her to bend and bear weight through her knees and it seems like she's finally having a breakthrough. She says a couple more words: "Doug" (one of her stuffed animals), "duck" and possibly "baby," although only Grandpa Tom has heard that one. I'm not sure there's a noun that's relevant to her interests that she doesn't understand. Also, putting diaper covers on Mama's head? Hilarious.

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