Monday, September 19, 2011

So, about those last 5 months....

We have become bad bloggers. (But we're great at posting Blaise quips on Facebook.)

As usual, no news is good news. Blaise is tracking her growth curve well and has reached a major milestone for kids with medical issues: Only one doctor. I don't even remember how many she had at her peak. We're kind of cheating because her GI here in Fargo also has a general pediatric practice, so he's now both her GI and her general pediatrician. Still, one doc!

We've been all over the place since our last blog entry: two visits from Grandpa Tom, one from Grandpa Barry and Grandma Janet, two trips to the Twin Cities, one to Florida, one to Chicago and one to Boston. Blaise had a particularly good time in Boston where she was able to see lots of her little friends. We have no idea whether she remembered any of them, but they picked up like they saw each other every day. Now all her pretend travel play involves going to Boston, to ride the bus to MIT, to play with her buddies and to go to Henry Bear's Park (an excellent toy store near our old apartment).

Otherwise, Blaise is two and a half, in all its wonderful, maddening, sweet, stubborn, crazy glory. She still loves Indian food and has discovered the wonder that is tortellini. Potty training is done. She's made great friends at day care, especially one little girl who also likes to read books. She loves the supermarket (seriously) and the library. We've also been riding bikes a lot lately, while the weather is nice, and when she asked to join in, who were we to deny her. She thinks she could ride to the library, which is 2.5 miles away, like Ben and I do, but we think she might have to wait a little while on that.

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