Sunday, April 10, 2011

March (and some of April, too)

Yes, we're still here. And Blaise is still two. Very, very two. The snow has almost completely melted, which means that we're able to be outside more. That makes things better for everyone.

The flood that accompanies the melt here in Fargo seems to have crested without causing too much trouble. Ben helped with some sandbagging and I was planning to go, but then they decided they didn't need more volunteers. It's impressive how well people turn out to help protect the city, even if they don't live in a threatened area.

Let's talk about something more fun, shall we? Like, say, toddler gym class. We signed Blaise up for a 4 week gymnastics class at the Y. Her favorite thing is tip-toeing on the balance beam, but she won't have anything to do with the uneven bars. She's also doing surprisingly well with the forward roll. Just before we signed her up, she was evaluated by the North Dakota early intervention folks. She clocked in on target for everything except gross motor, where she was a little behind. After gym the next day, she was doing all the things she had missed on the assessment, so we're declaring her all caught up.

Blaise has been eating well and even helping us do some cooking. She loves to watch us break eggs and she thinks snapping asparagus stems is very fun. We think she might have outgrown the only food sensitivity we thought she had and she has finally found a meat she's willing to eat: Bacon.

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