Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Darlin', don't you go and cut your hair...

A short post for tonight, but a momentous one: The toddler mullet is gone!

Blaise had her first haircut tonight (courtesy of our friend Kristine, who even did an in-home visit) and now she looks incredibly chic. We were all pretty impressed with how chill she was during the proceedings, but a lot of the credit for that has to go to They Might Be Giants for making such a bang-up DVD of music videos to go along with their "Here Comes Science" CD. Blaise would tolerate most things if you let her watch "My Brother the Ape" and "Meet the Elements" on my laptop. Kristine is also great with kids and I think Blaise had a pretty good time being her assistant and holding onto the hair clips and combs.

Of course, Blaise barely said a word while Kristine was there, but immediately after she left started in with: "Kristine. HAIRcut. Thank you, Kristine! Buh-bye. Haircut." We're still trying to communicate that parting words are best shared while the person in question is still in front of you.

Otherwise, mostly the usual fun stuff, but the end of the week brings something VERY exciting: A costume parade at day-care! Fear not, there will be pictures. Blaise is already a big fan of her costume and has taken to wearing it around the house in the evenings, so Halloween may last for a period of some weeks in our house.


Raeanne said...

I cut Faith's toddler mullet awhile back too, but it's almost time to cut it again! Can she really put that puzzle together? I hope she likes it :)

Erin said...

No, she can't do the puzzle, but we can make it look like she can. ;) She loves playing with the pieces and watching us put them together. Opening and closing the box is also fun. Thank you so much!