Sunday, February 1, 2009

One month

Blaise is one month old today and it's pretty amazing just how much we've all been through in such a short period of time. If you had told me a month and a day ago that this was coming, I'm not sure I would have believed you. At the very least, I wouldn't have believed that we would all come out the other end a little the worse for wear, but doing okay. Because I'm not sure I can process it all in the abstract, I've compiled some numbers to give a sketch of Blaise's first month.

Birth weight: 1760 g (3 lbs 14 oz)
Lowest weight: 1430 g (3 lbs 2 oz)
Current weight: 2010 g (4 lbs 7 oz)
Weight lost by Erin: 10450 g (23 lbs)
Emergency abdominal surgeries among members of our household: 2
Remaining centimeters of small intestine: 20
Days on the ventilator: 3
Days on antibiotics: 16
Nights in the NICU: 26
Nights out of the NICU: 5
Nights Ben slept in one of those foldout hospital chairs: 5
mL of milk given to Blaise on day 1: 0
mL of milk given to Blaise today: 102
Bottles of breast milk in our freezer: 65 (about 60 mL each)
Ostomy bag changes: 67
Times we used the word "jejunum" prior to Jan. 1: 20 (Thanks to 7th grade bio)
Times we've used the word "jejunum" since: 2,765
Times we've read Goodnight Moon: 41
Times we anticipate reading Goodnight Moon in the future: 45,104
Bears given to Blaise (excluding those on the mobile): 10
Bears on the mobile: 5
Other animals given to Blaise: 3
Inches of snow: 24
Cups of coffee procured from hospital cafeterias: 94
Cups of coffee procured from the kitchenette down the hall: 1 (NOT making that mistake twice)
Steelers play-off wins: 1
Steelers bye weeks: 1
Papers rejected: 4
Papers accepted: 2
Babies born to friends: 3
Hits to this blog: 1880
Amazing, strong, tiny new members of our family: 1


bjbalas said...

I would just like to point out that we should make that 2 post-season victories. Go Steelers!

Jim said...


That picture is adorable. I wish I could make it up again this weekend to see you, but you will have to settle for your Aunt Libby. Sometime you'll have to tell me the trick to drawing 1,800+ blog hits. My short-lived blog didn't get 18 hits.

All the best,

Uncle Jim

Erin said...

Uncle Jim,
To get 1800 blog hits, first you need to be extremely adorable. Then you need to have an interesting story to tell. Then you need everyone you know to tell everyone they know and so on.

It also helps if you have Grandmas who account for about 20% of those hits.


Barb said...

Hi Erin--

Blaise, you are adorable. I love the bow in your hair.

Erin--I'm sorry your dad is having such leg trouble.

Cousin Barb